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Here you can find general information on stock available for purchase in Australia and in the US, cars in transit, and, shipping and transport.

The general information topic list is as follows:
Cars in available stock in Australia
Cars in transit or awaiting shipment
Cars for sale from USA contacts
Car transport and shipping
Payment terms
About American Used Pty Ltd

Cars in stock in Australia

All the cars in this section are in stock at our warehouse. Prices shown are in Australian dollars, and are inclusive of GST and any other costs, except delivery transport.

I will endeavour to remove the cars as soon as they are sold. Some of the cars will be transferred to the cars sold list.

If you do not see a car on the site, or a car is listed as sold, please do not hesitate to contact me as there may be another not yet listed.

I have sold a number of cars to people this way, where they have missed out on a car for sale, but have been able to secure the next one coming along knowing what to expect from previous pics and descriptions.
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Cars in transit or awaiting shipment

All the cars in this section have been purchased by us and are either in transit or awaiting shipment from the USA. Pricing is shown in Australian dollars, and includes GST. The price shown is inclusive of all freight costs ready for pickup from Tyabb Victoria 3913 . Cars are Left Hand Drive unless otherwise stated. The pics listed are usually those of one of my buyers at or just after purchase.  The descriptions based upon information supplied by my USA based full time  buyer.

We are happy to take deposits on these cars to secure them but there are a couple of things to consider.

  1. We can only estimate the arrival time, shipping can run from 4 to 10 weeks once the car is loaded. The car may also have to wait until we have a suitable load plan . ie to ship pickup trucks out we will need to have smaller cars to go with them such as Corvettes,Camaros or Mustangs to enable 4 cars to be shipped.  
  2. A $1000.00 deposit will hold any vehicle until it arrives. We will refund all of your deposit if the car is not as it is pictured or described, without question  (and this has happened dealing in 30 to 50 year old cars, surprises do occur even after they may have been inspected).
  3. No Vehicle will be shipped prior to import approval being granted from Canberra.  

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USA  client services

We have full time Buyers working with us exclusively in the USA located in Northern California and Washington State covering the West coast of the USA.

These guys are well versed in what to look for when purchasing cars and trucks that may cause issues with import approval's and registration for vehicles heading to Australia.

We are happy to offer the follow services.


  1. Carry our pre purchase inspections
  2. Negotiate on your behalf on the purchase price of a vehicle.
  3. Arrange payments of deposits and full payments to sellers.
  4. Arrange vehicle transport  USA wide .
  5. Carry out personally the pickup of vehicles in an open or enclosed trailer up and down the West coast of the USA.
  6. Ensure the paperwork for the vehicle is correct and unencumbered with fees for the export of the vehicle from the USA .
  7. Scout and procure specific vehicles.
  8. We can assist with the payment and pickup of your Ebay purchase.
  9. With the services of a full time buyer on the ground in the USA we can jump on potential good buys very quickly often even before the locals can get to them.
  10. As has been the case for even myself when dealing over the phone and via email some US sellers when dealing with an Aussie overseas may tend to stretch the truth, forget to mention a few minors things and think will always pay more . After they receive a call from our local in the USA who is coming to inspect the car more often than not the issues that had slipped there minds come rushing back.

Story of a recent inspection

Aussie customer found a 1970 RT440 Challenger 6 pack

After many ph calls and countless pictures ( of which looked very good)  the deal was done the US seller seemed a straight up guy answered all questions seemed to be on the ball . 

Our US buyer made contact with the happy help full US Seller who then became very sharp and short once he learned the car was to be inspected.

The car was to be have been fully restored 9 years ago RT440 6 pack that had travelled only a few thousand miles.

What we found was a fair RT 440 Car that had the following issues.

1/ Data tag from the fender well was missing.

2/ Locker Diff  had been swapped for a standard single wheel diff .

3/ Paint was poorly applied.

4/ The underside if the car which had had a rotisserie restoration still had 30 years of dirt tucked in the corners and some original suspension bushes under the new shinny paint.

What the buyer thought he was getting was a $40000.00  restored RT440 .

What we inspected was an average RT that looked ok worth low 30s

What we ended up with was a happy Customer who went on 2 weeks later to find the right car in IDAHO which we also went and inspected, payed for and transported back to San Fran .

And a pissed off seller who was found out .



Please contact us for more information.

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Car transport and shipping

Shipping cars within Australia

To assist you in estimating the cost of shipping the cars throughout Melbourne, Victoria (Australia), I use and recommend the following transport contacts.

  1. Transport for non-runners can be organised. Should you purchase a car from me I will be happy to try to arrange transport on your behalf where possible, for delivery out side of Victoria.

Shipping cars from the USA

We are happy to ship cars from the USA for customer, and are happy to discuss your needs. There are a couple of things to consider.

  1. If you are in a hurry to get your car back I may not be able to help you. Your car may have to sit while I collect other suitable sized cars for a full 4 pack load.
  2. I will not be the cheapest around and I will not try to be. If bargain basement shipping is what you want there are plenty of companies offering that in the
    car magazines.
  3. You must have an original of the title for your Car . It will not get out of the USA without it. The title must also be clear. If the car you are buying does not have a title you need to make sure you can get one or your car is not going anywhere - no title can hold your car up for months and set you back hundreds of dollars. Please note in California and I believe most states any back fees owing against the car will have to be paid before clear title is issued to export . This can run into Hundreds if not Thousands of dollars so it pays to ensure the title is clear on the car.
  4. You must also have an Australian import approval for your car before you ship it, if your car lands without it you will have 3 choices:(1) crush it or
    (2)ship it back out.  (3) pay bond storage until the import approval arrives.
  5. Please be care full with cars with no title as it can be very costly to procure titles and in some cases a very expensive exercise.
  6. Asbestos in old vehicles. This is currently a large issue with Australian customs whom are enforcing the zero asbestos laws vigorously. The fines and costs associated with undergoing an asbestos inspection here regardless of weather asbestos is found are less than pleasant.  ( I CAN CONFIRM THIS FIRST HAND THIS YEAR  ) We are currently removing brakes, exhaust gaskets, exhaust flange rings and any associated parts that may contain asbestos before the vehicles leave the USA. We are also engaging the services of a recognised and accredited asbestos inspection firm in the USA to carry out an inspection and report on the vehicles to confirm areas of concern have been addressed. These reports have been acknowledged by Australian customs as acceptable. While this is no sure fire grantee of not undergoing an asbestos inspection it has in the past proved a successful process for us. 
  7. If you are shopping around for a price to shipp your vehicle there are a lot of companies /  people advertising to shipp vehicles, I  would be doing my home work on any company that does not advertise a physical address either in there advert or on there website.  Things can go wrong and its very hard to hold someone accountable face to face if all you have is a phone number and or email address. 

I can assist, or carry out all of the above. Should you wish me to ship your car please give me a call.

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Payment terms

Bank Cheque
Direct Deposit

No cars will be picked up or shipped until payment is received and credited into our bank account, unless by prior arrangement.

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About American Used

Our aim is to supply classic American cars and trucks at reasonable prices. We try to purchase cars as complete as possible and, as original as we can find, ie: faded original paint. The reason for this is you can usually see what you are getting, and these types of cars can still be purchased at a reasonable cost. Most Australian states will allow registration of Left Hand Drive (LHD) cars as long as they are in original, and roadworthy condition. Please contact your local state road traffic centre for more information. Purchasing through a network of trusted USA contacts ensures the cars will turn up, and be as described. Descriptions of cars are given as honestly as possible – no surprises and no BS.
Inspection of the cars is by appointment only.

Australian State and Territory Vehicle Standards Information Links:   
VicRoads Vehicle Standards Information
NSW RTA Vehicle Standards Information
Rego ACT Registration Information
Transport SA Historic LHD Registration Information
WA Licencing Services Vehicle Standards Information
Queensland Transport Vehicle Standards Information
NT IPE Vehicle Standards Information
Tasmania Transport Vehicle Standards Information

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